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Asia Sinar Inti Abadi, PT was established in 1997.  This company is in a business of manufacturing of Low Voltage Electrical Switchboards and also carries out its engineering and construction services activities in the field of Electrical.

Asia Sinar Inti Abadi, PT has a team of technical personnel, equipments and procurement specialists to perform the design of Panel Switchboard to meet the customer requirements and has technical knowledge and practical experience in the type of the work. 

We have equipped ourselves with various computer equipments to be able to solve engineering project management, monitoring and construction problems. We feel confident that this approach permits us to satisfy your needs whether a small specific item or a large turnkey project.

We have provided engineering services to customers in many parts of the project in Indonesia. Our design study involves a comprehensive analysis of the problem.
Product Sales and Manufacturing & Range of Products :

  • Generator Control Panel
  • Automatic/Manual Synchronizing Panel
  • Automatic/Manual Capacitor Bank Panel
  • Automatic Main Failure
  • Automatic Transfer Switch
  • Main Distribution Board
  • Motor Control Center
  • Auto Transformer Starter
  • Distribution Panel Indoor or Outdoor Type
  • Programmer Logic Control (PLC) Panel
  • Control Panel
  • Star Delta Starter
  • Lighting Panel
  • Welding Panel
Asia Sinar Inti Abadi, PT also providing Lighting Armature for industrial and building (Mega Lite) and Cable Support System (Mega Tray).

Lighting Armature (Polyester Powder Coating) :
1. Channel Fitting
2. Channel Fitting V-Shape
3. Metal Reflector Fitting
4. Enclosed Metal Reflector Fitting
5. Parabolic Mirror Reflector Fitting
6. Mirror Louvre Fitting
7. Recessed Mounted Fitting
8. Recessed Mounted Fitting with Frame
9. Surface Mounted Fitting
10. Down Light Fitting
11. Emergency Exit Fitting
12. Garden Lighting Fitting
13. Industrial Lighting Fitting
14. Lighting Pole
We also welcome enquiries for special designed, custom made or equivalent to
specified luminaries.
Cable Support System :
1. Cable Tray, Fitting & Accessories
2. Cable Ladder, Fitting & Accessories
3. Cable Trunking, Fitting & Accessories
More : Asia Panel and Mega Ladder
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Telp. (061) 4153311 - 4153322 Fax. (061) 4150869 E-mail.