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Electrika Medan Otomatik Abadi, PT was founded in May 22nd 1996.

This company was originally intended to take up trading of OMRON products that had handle by Pelita Jaya, CV previously.

Today,  Electrika Medan Otomatik Abadi, PT not only providing trading, but they are also ready to take up any engineering service and construction requirement from customers in the field of electrical device and instrument control & automation system especially in "OMRON" products.

OMRON reputation has always been based on its ability to come up with modern solutions and high-quality products.

The range of products and services :

Component :

  • PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), Digital Controller
  • Programmable Terminals (PT), Digital Panel Meters
  • General Purpose & Power Relays, Solid State Relays
  • Limit Switches, Timers, Counters
  • Photoelectric sensors, Proximity Sensors, Proximity Switch, Displacement Sensors
  • Temperature Controllers, Thermocouple, Humidity Sensor
  • Intelligent Signal Processors, Signal Converter
  • Level Controllers/Meters
  • Switching Power Supplier
  • Inverter

Engineering : We also offer technical services

  • Technical Support
  • Factory Automation
  • System Integrator

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