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Pelita Jaya, CV has established on May 20nd 1980, specializing in General Electrical Supplier, Distributor and Stockiest of Electrical Products to various Industrial Companies.

Our vision is to be the best at applying their expertise to benefit customers. We are deeply committed to meeting the needs of our customers and constantly focus on customer satisfaction. We seek long-term relationships based on our comprehensive understanding of our customers' needs and on the value we provide through superior service. We recognize that we can prosper only if we anticipate and fulfill customer expectations better than our competitors.

Since our inception we have become recognized as a reliable and competent supplier of materials and information to the electrical industry. We are well known within the Pulp & Paper Industry ? Sinar Mas Group (SIMAS Group), Palm Oil Industry, Ply Wood Industry, and Oil & Gas Company located in Sumatra ? Indonesia
In our operation, all of our staff works together in solving customer requirements. We have our unique working system, which is proven to be able to satisfy our valued customers.

Pelita Jaya, CV is a leading distributor and stockiest for all kinds of Electrical products:

We provide more than 20 brands qualified electrical products, such as:

Authorized Distributor and Stockiest:

Clipsal : Switches and Accessories ? Australia
Belden : Industrial Cabling Solutions
Mitsuba & Super Cable : Electric Wire  - Indonesia
Schneider Electric : MCB, MCCB, Contactor, Relay, Limit Switch and ACB - France
MGE UPS & Sinewave : UPS and Active Harmonic Conditioners - France
Ilme : Plug and Socket - Italy
Nordex : Floodlight Metal Halide/Sodium ? Italy
Gruppe : Roadway Lighting  - Italy
Panasonic : Wiring Devices
Legrand : Electrical Fitting and Wiring ? France
Cablofil : Cable Ladder and Tray
DS Hibox : Control Box, Terminal Box, Operation Box & Switch Box -Korea
RS Components : Industrial Products, Test and MeasurementElectronic &    
  Electrical Products ? UK
Raychem : Jointing and Termination Kit
ASIA : Cable Ladder and Tray
Tranka Cable : Power, Control and Telecommunication Cable ? Indonesia
Helukabel : Power, Control and Telecommunication Cable ? Germany
Fluke : Digital Multitester and Multimeter
ASIA : Ladder & Tray
Kerpen Cable : Power, Control and Telecommunication Cable.

Having anticipated the rapid expansion in our business. Our organization was thus expanded into two main business companies as Trading Company & Manufacturing Company. We have been setting up several branches in Sumatra and Jakarta. By means of these branches, our products are made available throughout the whole Sumatra and Java Island.

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